Below are just a few examples of projects we work with. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our activities.

We are a Polish company that started its activity in the field of fertilizer production in 1993.

Already at that time, EKODARPOL was a family business that puts its value on values ​​such as honesty, trust and mutual respect. Our brand is inseparably connected with the ZUBALA name. The owner-Zbigniew Zubala, in front of business partners and clients, responds with his name and face, which is part of the EKODARPOL logo . This means that our products must meet standards that we would not be ashamed of in our own home.

Our first flagship product was BIOHUMUS EXTRA produced thanks to our own earthworm breeding, which is the largest and the most professionally run of this type of activity in Poland. After BIOHUMUS EXTRA, in the following years we have introduced new strong brands and excellent products - HUMUS ACTIVE, PLONAR ACTIVE, HUMUS UP, BIOCHRON and many more. We are open to all kinds of suggestions from our customers, thanks to which we constantly improve and expand the assortment offer, adapting it to the changing market needs.

Thanks to the care of high quality products and full availability of the offer in the network of the best wholesalers and stores, we have gained the trust of customers - users of plots, flower, vegetable and fruit growers, farmers and those who care about decorative house and garden plants. The highest quality of EKODARPOL products has been appreciated and resulted in winning many awards and national titles, such as GOOD BRAND 2013, GOOD BRAND 2014 and BEST IN POLAND, which are a distinguishing factor for us of reliability and quality.

eco production

We have qualified staff, modern equipment and adequate storage facilities, which are a guarantee of high production efficiency and continuity of supply. We also have our own modern laboratory equipped with the highest quality analytical equipment, so that the quality of our products is always at the highest level. All this fits in the designated direction of development of a company that produces products for ecological and natural methods of growing plants.

At the same time, we conduct promotional activities in the form of sponsored television programs, radio programs, articles in professional press, we also organize numerous trainings, we participate in trade fairs, subsidize experimental crops. The current situation of the company on the market and the adopted strategy of continuous development is a guarantee of stability and reliability of the company.

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