Below are just a few examples of projects we work with. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our activities.

Facere Group is multinational Management Group for several B2B activities.

Welcome to Facere Group!

We are multinational Management Group for several B2B activities. HQ is in Estonia and we act through our partner network several countries. Company has also active role in our Partner companies and Company holdings.

Our main business is a Company and Project management. We provide network based infra for our Partners and take active role in Business cases where we enter. We also are active Shareholder in some of our business cases.  

Our business is based on strong networking and long history with those who work and act in co-operations with our Group. We love just do things and give our bests to our projects and cases which we are involved.

Our policy

Key elements with us: Believe - Trust - Transparency - Motivation.

If we do not believe case or its possibilities, we do not want to spend your time or ours. Case can be very potential and profitable but if we do not believe it, then we are honest, and we cannot give you any benefits.

If we do not trust you, you do not trust us or we do not trust background of case or company, then there is no reason to continue. Why? Do you want to build something with untrustworthy peoples or companies?

Transparency is element in business and co-operation which should be there always. Hiding issues in co-operations is like building business on minefield which will someday blow-up.

Motivation is important when doing anything. When you are motivated you will also generate solutions for problems and solve issues more clever ways.

Sales and Marketing plans

Our network provides a good platform for internationalization and increasing sales in existing sales areas, as well as sales growth in new areas. Our approach is carefully analyze the product or service before actual launch of operations. We do not want to sacrifice our own nor our customer’s time and money to the projects for which we do not believe or who we do not see the concrete conditions on the target market. In modern times, free movement, as well as diversity of sales channels, products and services, set a number of requirements, which in the early stages of the project devoting attention.

Management of Sales and Distribution

Our business covers sales and related operations management. If your company has not yet built up an extensive own sales organization, we can bring own our organization to build and maintain for example reseller network. Or, if the international business growth has occurred of the challenges sufficient resources, we are able in certain areas be part of the sales management. The sales and distribution organization is a key factor in business. Often, sales and sales management movement of between firms can bring challenges to the management of the partnership, whereby one partner who creates approach to long-term contracts may be in place.

Management of partnerships

Companies may have steps when with existing or new partnerships management not have sufficient resources, or for example a different business culture, it may be quite challenging. We have been involved in establishing network the BPG Network, that lets network of partners as well as our experts become available the management of partnerships and relationships maintaining. Customer relationships and partnerships maintenance is a key factor in all of our activities. It is not always the most important thing to do business, but to maintain relationships and thus allows commerce, as well as natural expansion with existing partner’s sites.


Successful internationalization of business requires a number of successful solutions. Our network provides the knowledge, talents, and experience to the partners at the early stages to the future. We use that what we have learned knowledge as well as already experienced things the basis for the design, which projects we go. There are a number of ways and numerous of different players, with whom the international market you can think about. Our way and our model is one of them - a strong knowledge on the local partners and the trust between the different players. A strong and broad-based planning and long-term strategy, which business model and the process of internationalization is based on.